My Blueberry Nights (2007)

Last night I saw this movie, written/produced/directed by Wong Kar Wai (director of which I reviewed another movie already).

The cast consists of Norah Jones, Jude Law, Natalie Portman (who rules by the way), Rachel Weisz (drunken femme fatal here) and David Strathairn (which I know from the movie Sneakers (1992) with Robert Redford, Dan Ayckroyd, Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix – sorry for the excess in info but it has bugged me all night and day just to remember where I had seen that face!!!!)

This movie opened the 60th Cannes festival.


Law had a café/restaurant in New York city and one evening, Jones enters the bar to find out if her boyfriend had been there the night before and with whom. Upset to find out he was there with another woman, she asks Law to hand the ex-boyfriend his keys back when he sees him again. Clearly not over the guy, Jones returns several nights to check if he came for the keys. Waiting, in a mess, she talks with Law and eats a Blueberry pie to comfort the pain… But one evening she doesn’t come in, she had decided to take to the road instead … for the rest, I invite you to go see the movie.


Until now, I have seen 4 movies by Wong Kar Wai:

  1. Chungking Express (1994) – my favorite of the lot
  2. Fallen Angels (1995)
  3. In the mood for love (2000)
  4. 2046 (2004) – with Zhang Zi Yi (you know her: Crouching Tiger…, Hero, Memoirs of a Geisha????)


Now all these movies are Asian ones. My Blueberry Nights is his first English-speaking movie. Having seen the 4 here before, I was exited to see this one, but also a bit scared in the sense of how much he had to compromise in his style. And actually, he didn’t much, better said: not at all.

We did notice that the characters were more emotional and open than in his Asian movies. But that didn’t really bother me. In the beginning, the story mainly took place in the Jude Law’s diner and I feared it would all continue to unfold there. Odd, seeing I heard it was a road movie. It did finally take off – and from then on Norah Jones became somewhat an observer in other people’s lives. Like with the drunken cop Straithairn and his separated wife Weisz in Memphis. Or when she hooks up with Southern poker crazed Portman, who get’s her somehow to Vegas, where Portman’s father recently died.

But what can be summed up as a love story, this movie shows different types of love. Love that is hard to let go of (Jones and ex-boyfriend / Straithairn and Weisz), love that is suffocating (mainly for Weisz), love that needs a push (Law who doesn’t take the step), love and manipulation (Portman’s relationship with her father)… That’s just my view. You guys might not see this my way.


Never mind the bad reviews. Everyone their opinion I guess. I just think it was good and beautiful. Not a typical movie – it’s a style to adapt to or get into. Having (thanks to a special person to me) been introduced in the works of Kar Wai, I could very easily get into this movie.

Do not just put it in a box named ‘romantic movie’, too many people get hurt for that in the story and the death that occurs in it is a sad one. Don’t label, just enjoy.

I think it is worth to be seen.