Carpet People (1971) by Terry Pratchett

I got hold of this thin little book which is an amazing story about a civilization on the edge of destruction … living in a carpet! So it’s about this universe that… … is a Carpet and home to several tribes, kingdoms, and violent, murderous creatures. But they are experiencing a strange phenomenon which occursContinue reading “Carpet People (1971) by Terry Pratchett”

Wyrd Sisters (1988) by Terry Pratchett

Anyone should at least once in their life have read a Terry Pratchett-novel, in my opinion. Although he doesn’t want to be accused of writing literature (noted in every preface), his books are clever, witty, entertaining and you cannot but fall in love with the characters he brings to life! First contact I stumbled into the PratchettContinue reading “Wyrd Sisters (1988) by Terry Pratchett”