Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

For months I spent evenings flicking through channels in search of a nice movie, to sit in the couch and just enjoy a film with a good story. Nothing. Reality shows. Poorly written series. Infinite re-runs of sit coms that were funny last century, but have now lost their appeal because of the never-ending loop of airing.

So when does a nice movie play? At fricken midnight! Djeez. I do believe they do this on purpose.

Agony aside: it was a nice surprise to have flicked onto the right channel and at the start of Mad Dog and Glory, which stars Robert de Niro (Mad Dog – Wayne), a very young Uma Thurman (Glory), Bill Murray (Frank) and David Caruso (Mike) who displayed a more dynamic way of acting which is very much lost in his CSI Miami days.


We follow Wayne and Mike, cops, as they are called to crime scenes. Wayne is a crime scene photographer, who has the ambition to be an artistic photographer but lacks the courage to follow it through. But also as a cop, he seems to lack much courage because he’s a guy who gets out-of-the-way of confrontation. He won’t easily draw his gun. Clearly shown when he enters a night shop where a stick up is going on. He negotiates with the criminal to take the money and scram, and only when the guy has run away does he take his gun to go after him.

It is at this stick up that Wayne meets Frank, the guy assaulted by the criminal. Frank is a mobster and invites Wayne at his club where he does stand up comedy. Frank fears Wayne is too afraid to undertake anything in his life to make it better or to follow his ambitions. So he sends up Glory, a girl in his debt who works as a bar tender in his club, to spend a week with Wayne and keep him happy….


At last a good movie on TV in a long time. Robert de Niro is excellent, not like the parts he’s been playing in recent years. Murray is delightful, as expected. And it’s just a sweet story… a must see, I’m sure!



I know I recently posted on the Foo Fighters, but I can’t help it. I’m devouring the new album like there is no tomorrow. Maybe not a good thing, seeing when you eat mashed potatoes every single day, every single week… well you’ll soon get fed up with mashed potatoes, don’t ya? Still. It’s under my skin so I’ll ride this album out till I can’t have it no more, I suppose.

So there you go, dragging you with me in my obsession. I think it’s called transferring? I’m no psych though I very much enjoyed the one class I took at college. 🙂

It’s the last track of the album, the video I mean. A bit softer than Burning Bridges, Rope or White Limo. But nonetheless, a nice track.

And again! A funny video. As said in their docu-movie: though they take their music seriously, they don’t much with their videos – but I don’t mind. I like a band with humor. It’s so like the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas! But funny.

Ok, so here it is:

Monty Python and the exploding penguin

It sometimes looks like John Cleese is trying to retain himself from laughing… it’s only slightly visible, but still… Graham Chapman is good in this.

Since I’ve seen the Holy Grail again yesterday, I have been surfing for sketches. Sorry to take the easy way out of blogging. But I just felt like posting the vids.

Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Last night I saw a very silly movie, which made me laugh a lot but grossed me out a little as well: Kung Fu Hustle.

Entertainment Weekly said: “Think Kill Bill meets Looney Toons” and they are not far off.

It won the public’s prize at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2005. I warn you – it most definitely is a martial arts movie! (you might have that from the Kung Fu in the title). But it feels like a parody. It exaggerates and enlarges many typical martial arts characteristics. I’m not that into Bruce Lee kind of stuff, but this has made me laugh so hard, my tummy hurt. And then again, a couple of scenes made me avert my eyes from the screen.

The movie is directed, produced and written by Stephen Chow– and oh my, he seems to play the lead character as well. Sarcasm aside, he is pretty good and funny… and others stuff….

We’re in the 1930’s. The story is about a couple of losers and petty thief’s Sing and Bone, who aim to be in the gang who is calling the shots: the Axe Gang, after their weapon of choice. The Gang has a power over all the city, except for one pitiful apartment block called Pig Sty Alley. There a very odd couple, Landlord and Landlady, rule over their tenants. Figures that the losers choose that particular place to prove to the Gang they are a worthy asset their criminal organisation. Though the Landlady is a tough cookie – and has a way with martial arts herself!

Light entertainment, but not more than that. You get some good laughs. The Landlady is a kick. And though the special effects are in abundance, they are not bothering you as a viewer and nicely finished.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

Ok, first real post of the new year and oh Lord: it’s sci-fi related!!

But don’t panic: it’s a comedy, so that makes up for it. Oh who am I kidding, I like sci-fi (only, yes, the kind that makes me laugh, that I have to admit.)

But first: a very a-typical movie trailer:

I know I’ll spoil this for you, but no: there is no woman in bikini or excessive explosions in this movie, which the trailer here promises. They’re cheeky! Making you believe that.

I was watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy my brother recorded from the BBC round Christmas time. Not having read the books (this adaptation was from the author Douglas Adams), I only half knew what I was getting myself into. I had some fears that I might not like it – but ” au contraire”, it was entertaining and laugh out loud funny.

Opening scene: a narrator (Stephen Fry) tells us that all along dolphins have tried to tell us something, but we, human kind, thinking to be the most intelligent life form on Earth – misunderstood their attempts on telling us the end of the world was coming for entertaining tricks. (Now you know that the plot entails the destruction of the world. But aha! How will it be done!)

The main character, Arthur, is desperately trying to avoid his house being destroyed for a new highway passage by lying in front of the bulldozers. Little does he know, that is the main reason the Earth will be destroyed: to build an interstellar highway passage. (Have I lost you already, dear reader?). He finds himself suddenly hitchhiking the warning/destruction ship and finds himself to be the second last survivor of Earth…. after that, all things go pear-shaped… and funny things happen (yeah well, plot is too difficult to explain, and there are ample sites who do it better than I can.)

I was surprised to find it a mainly British kind of movie, or the feel to it was so anyway. That took me a bit off guard.

I must admit I was only attracted by the cast (although some only do voice over’s or have a small part).

  • The narrator is Stephen Fry, or who I call ‘the renaissance man’ cause he does so much: comedian, actor, writer, filmmaker, presenter on tv, …
  • Sam Rockwell, who in Galaxy Quest (2000) played Crewman N°6, plays here the President of the Galaxy and has kidnapped himself and stolen a space ship called The Heart of Gold.
  • He is joined by another Galaxy Quest actor (also Harry Potter, Love Actually…), Alan Rickman who does the voice over for the manic-depressive robot.
  • Bill Nighy plays a coast line designer at the place where planets are made on command…
  • John Malcovich as the leader of a cult on a planet that worships tissues….

I see myself writing these things and can’t help feeling how strange it all sounds. But when you see the movie it all makes sense… in a way….

So if you like sci-fi and don’t take it too seriously, you like humour and funny situations or you just are in need of some entertainment: then this will certainly fill those needs.

Home Fries (1998)

No, not another chick flick. Although this could be what you think for these reasons:
– it stars Drew Barrymore
– her love interest is Luke Wilson
– because of the lovey-dovey poster you see to your left.

Actually, for a chick flick there  a few too many death attempts and psycho-thriller manipulation. But that said, a good and entertaining movie.

Sally works at a fast food restaurant and is 8 months pregnant of her married ex-lover. That ex-lover swore to tell his wife it was over and stopped by Sally’s work to say so.
Unfortunately for him, that very evening, his two step-sons Dorian and Angus (Wilson and Jake Busey) want to teach him a lesson for cheating on mom: they accidentally kill him. But mom still wants to know who the foozy was her husband cheated on her with.Of  course, as you might have seen it coming, Dorian falls for pregnant Sally, the mistress of his dead step-father.

Dorian: I’d like to be the father-to-be.
Sally: You can’t be the father and the brother! That’s the kind of thing that messes kids up!

I’ve seen this movie for the second time and still find it very entertaining. Catherine O’Hara is hilarious as the scorned mother, Beatrice Lever. Her wish for revenge is so strong and how she manipulates Angus to do her bidding is something.
Barrymore is endearing as always. Totally overpowering Dorian (Wilson) with her sweetness, which makes it harder for him to keep her safe from his family murderous streak.

If you don’t know what to rent at the video store, but you want some laughter, thriller moments and sweetness, then this movie combines them all. And the soundtrack in this movie is great.

More info click here or here.


I’ve been a Pixar fan since I’ve seen A bug’s life. The way they turned animation around and innovated it is incredible. And they use humor in a way Disney doesn’t. I know they merged companies … still I find Pixar pretty unique.

Many other creations followed (I am aware that Toy Story was their first, but I – as with most things – go about things in different orders). And not being a child anymore hasn’t stopped me from watching these movies. Even though I do have an excuse as auntie, but my nieces and nephews watch dubbed versions. I prefer the original English ones.
When I saw the trailer for Ratatouille, I immediately knew I wanted to see this one. But I was prepared to see it dubbed in Dutch. Why on Earth for? Because I wanted to take my little godson (the pirate on your right).

Last Friday I took the little guy to the cinema. As a 4-year old he has already been plenty oftimes, so that was fine. This time it was special for me, because we were going alone. It’s a godmother kind of thing. I was so proud of him. He didn’t run off or throw a tantrum. He shared his popcorn and soda: “It’s alright, you can take a sip.” He did get scared when Rémy (the rat) almost drowned. Yet when he saw the rat was alright, he beamed “I wasn’t scared at all.”

Rémy, unlike his rat family, does not enjoy eating garbage. He has the nose for fine food and good ingredients. This is why he prefers sniffing the kitchen instead of the garbage bins. Another thing he likes to do is stand on his back little feet, not to get his little hands dirty. He likes to taste his food instead of what he stepped in during the day. But what he really likes to do is prepare his food. His big example is het great Parisian chef Gustav Gusteau, who wrote the definitive cooking book: Anyone can cook.
It might have been too long a movie for small children. But fun-filled none the less. I think it’s great it shows kids what cooking is all about and the rules of the kitchen. I mean that. My godson now yells at anyone who doesn’t wash up before touching anything in the kitchen. These past couple of days he has played with the plastic kitchen and plastic food, cooking away.
The animation in Ratatouille is even better than the previous Pixar movies. The whiskers of the mice are so lifelike. The chase scene in the middle through Paris was high paced and nicely done. And how they portrayed how it feels when you tasted different ingredients … yes, I mean ‘how it feels’, but you have to see that to understand. It’s a delicious movie, and I’m willing to take seconds.

Have you ever seen … Northern Exposure?

This week I watched some of the episodes of Northern Exposure, season 1, with my brother.
It’s sooo good, it’s beyond me that so few people know it or even remember it.

The series dates back from 1990 and is about a New York doctor, Joel Fleishman (played by Rob Morrow – now in the series Numb3rs as Don Epps),who has to practise his skills in an obscure little town in Alaska called Cicely for 4 years. Because Alaska sponsored his studies (scholarship), he is bound by contract to ‘serve’ his for years as the town’s doctor.

Oh please do rent or watch this series! I’ll even go down on my knees! Fun scenarios, good characters and acting … it’s all a TV-buff could wish for. The series got 16 nominations and 6 Emmy awards, but to me, even without the ‘oh so much’ deserved awards it is just one of my favorite shows.

It stars John Corbett as well as ‘Chris in the morning’-radioman (which most people know from Sex and the City or My Big Fat Greek Wedding – where he didn’t live up to his Northern Exposure potential in my eyes).

Calvin and Hobbes: winter fun

Click on the image if you want to make it larger!
Released on: Friday, Dec 29th 1995. Images copyright Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate.

Released on: Friday, Jan 22nd 1993. Images copyright Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate.

Yesterday I was surfing and I stumbled on this blog The House of Sternberg ( ) , where he mentioned some of his favourite comics he used to read in the paper. I liked the fact he talked about Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.I have loved these comics for years. I have several comic books and it is always fun to take them off the book shelve and leaf through them, cause they are so much fun. Besides, for a 6-year old, Calvin has a very sharp mind at times. My all time favourites are the snowmen comics. They can get so cynical, cruel yet deep at times. But mainly they are just absolutely silly!!

There are many sites devoted to Calvin and Hobbes, but I like this one:
because you just type in a word/topic you want (e.g. snow) and you get all the related topics. So you can get a comic for almost for any occasion.

Bill Watterson made Calvin and Hobbes cartoons from 1985 till 1995 when he retired and devoted his time and talents to other things. Info:

Go and check them out. Everyone deserves a bit of fun.

Pratchett fanatic

Anyone should at least once in their life have read a Terry Pratchett-novel. Although he doesn’t want to be accused of writing literature (noted in every preface), it is sooo entertaining!

I stumbled into the Pratchett world through my brother. He’s always reading one of the Discworld-novels, unable to put it down. Occasionally, laughing out loud. At first I thought you must be mad to like those so-called fantasy books. I mean, it’s absurd to have a story taken place on a world that is a disc carried by 4 elephants, on top of a tortoise moving through the universe! … but then, I must definitely be mad because I am hooked.

I’m not saying it was easy getting through the first couple of books, with the amount of characters in each novel. But once you’ve fallen in love with your favorite character you can’t wait to see what mad adventure awaits them next time. Even though it’s either a wizard (Rincewind), a witch (Nanny Ogg) or even the granddaughter of Death (Susan). Writing exiting stories that can make you suddenly laugh out loud (happened to me once or twice in public too) is good writing to me!

What appeals to me is how good a judge of human nature Pratchett is. I admit, mostly he makes them larger than life. Half the time you go “I knew someone like that once”.

If I can recommend a novel for a first time reader it must be WYRD SISTERS. It blew me away. Excerpt of chapter one on:

To me, a Pratchett novel is like soul food … or in his case: SOUL CAKE.