Hogfather (2006)

I am still in the process of writing and tweaking this post, but wanted to put this already, so you might not think I am not posting anything anymore. It’s just that I’ve had little time with my job and all… and the fact that after a day’s work I have an aversion to pc’s… small inconvenience … I will post the last version am shortly. Consider this a sneak preview or intro…

Hogfather is a television adaptation of one of Terry Pratchett’s novels by the same title. For the unknown, he is the writer of the Discworld novels – for the known: sorry for the repetition. So the genre is fantasy, while Pratchett mocks or dares ridicule that particular genre in his novels. I am not going to give an exposé on Pratchett – if you wish to know why I like reading him, simply read this.


Hogfather is a book I read years ago. It’s about the Discworld’s equivalent of Santa Clause, the Hogfather. A boar-like man who on Hogwatchnight brings toys and treats to kids who have been good. But a contract was made with the Assassins Guild, to rid of the Hogfather… for a start. When Death notices that suddenly a lot of hourglass’ – even in the metaphysical section of his mansion – seem to empty themselves and bodies appear sporadically, he cannot but investigate. Soon he finds himself dressing up and going HO HO HO himself… or there will simply be no tomorrow, anywhere.


Although not the most exiting book of the Discworld series, I can see why it was chosen for the adaptation. In most ways it is appealing even to those who are not familiar with Pratchett’s work. And in my opinion, any novel with Death as the main character – his curiosity towards humanity – is a good novel. And here they did a really good job, visually and storywise. And his helper Albert, played by David Jason (Only Fools and Horses, A Touch of Frost) is a delight to watch.