Daan “Icon”, Belgium’s answer to Johnny Cash

I shouldn’t say that actually. Because you cannot compare Daan’s work to Cash’s. Just that this song has a similar feel, and the voice has a hint of the man.

It’s been stuck in my head since they’ve played it on the radio. It’s from his new album “Manhay”.
I’ve put the lyrics below, cause it’s just delicious to sing along to. Enjoy.

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The Black Box Revelation

Yesterday I went to the festival Bruksel Live in the park, and we saw a band that had enough energy to blow the crowd away in a whirlwind of sound! They are called The Black Box Revelation, a band from Dilbeek (near Brussels). They are just two guys, Jan and Dries, but they have such power on stage. They have a dirty rock sound and we liked it!

Picture taken from this site.

Here you can find their official site and also on myspace.

The clip below is filmed under the river Schelde in Antwerp, I believe (at least I recognize it). There is a pedestrian tunnel that runs under the river to take you from the East side to the West side of Antwerp.

This clip does not beat the live version of this song. The Black Box Revelation is a great band to watch live on stage… I recommend it!