Happy mother’s day

I hope mothers everywhere have had a nice mother’s day. Though every day ought to be mother’s day, seeing how much they have to take from their hubby and kids.

Multitasking is their key:

  • clean (even though 15 minutes later someone walks in and makes a mess all over again),
  • cook (usually 5 different dishes cause there is always someone who doesn’t like either beans, cheese sauce, leeks or any vegetable really) ,
  • do the shopping (and not forget a single thing or know she’ll get a handful at home if she does),
  • be able to fix things (electrical, wooden or otherwise),
  • be a nurse to fix booboo’s, scratches and hammer incidents by hubby,
  • not be afraid of spiders (cause when kid screams bloody murder when seeing one in bedroom, she has to go on the hunt after the 8-legged creature with some poise),
  • be a magician with needle and thread to sow on missing buttons (after looking for them when they dropped in the most impossible corners of the house),
  • keep a budget with teenagers nagging for cash every day,

… motherhood. And they say it’s not a job! So one lousy day a year to be treated like a princess is not enough, really.

But mothers are more than just the things they do. Mothers shape their kids. Make them conscious. Mothers are love and are caring. (The statement before is just a personal observation – I do not state that this is generally the case, so if it isn’t, are you in need of a hug?)

My mother and I, we have our differences. We don’t always see eye to eye. And the ability to let a subject go, we both don’t posses. So we have that in common. We both are stubborn. But we can talk. About important things as well. We laugh together. Our sense of humour is very much alike. My hight, I have from her, as well as my tendency to get confused. Every idiom I say incorrectly I mainly learned from her. That tells something of her influence on my vocabulary. It happens very often that we say the same thing at the same time. While other times we are on a different wavelength all together. Her nurturing ability I also seem to have gotten from her. To consider others and respect. I admire her strength. I can only hope to be half the woman she is in my lifetime.


New Year

Happy New Year to all!
A fantastic 2008 and all good things!

Brussels: a New Year’s Eve without fireworks? Come on!?

Today on the news (Dutch article/videoEnglish article), they said that the mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, decided after a coordination meeting with the Crisis Team of Foreign Affairs, not to have fireworks at midnight in Brussels on the Mont des Art/Kunstberg. We have been in an alert phase during the entire holidays to prevent possible attacks during the festivities. And they will be upheld till January 3rd.

The Christmas fair “Winter Wonders” is going to close that evening at 6 P.M. instead of 10 P.M. as usual (the ice rink at 8 P.M.). Good thing I went yesterday then! (not that I skate or so, just like walking around and soak up the atmosphere.) And caught a ride on the Big Wheel to see the city illuminated from above. It was the fanciest wheel I ever set foot in: closed, cosy and heated gondolas! It was as comfy as the inside of a car! Never seen!

I’m a bit bummed about the fireworks thing. I was looking forward to go and see that. How can I kiss my boyfriend at midnight if there are no ear drum havocking sounds of gigantic fireworks around! With many of the usual and fun animations and attractions closed – it will be a strange evening I guess – and the bars will be really full as well, more so then usual I suspect.

Anyway – it is sad that what should be the start of a new year full of promise and new beginnings, fear and caution rule. We might not live in war and sometimes have the feeling it is far from our beds and all, yet it all still creeps through in our day-to-day live. Such things make me think.

previous Christmas in Brussels at Grand Place (Grande Place/ Grote Markt)

Wishes for Christmas and more

I know it’s a bit soon for this card by Leendert Jan Vis – but in wishing everyone a merry Christmas, I want to make some wishes for the New Year as well already. But through this medium I’m going to concentrate on a few faithful bloggers.

I know wishes are to be wished at New Year (together with resolutions and all) – but I like being a little unconventional and am going to do some now as well.

To Appelbloesem (mother of Appelmoez):
that she keeps on rocking like she does (and either post something on that blog or just delete it!)

To Captain Picard:
that there will always be fun on the Enterprise and that the stories may captivate new visitors on deck.

To Sqt:
that she can enjoy her new house with her family and that she can continue to guide us with her book reviews and fun posts.

To Stuart Sternberg:
that he one day will read a Pratchett and enjoy it (kidding) – that the Detroit Tigers have a good year and that his publications will keep coming and amaze.

To Lucas Peterson:
that now he is a published man, he will keep it up and use that great skill of his for storytelling to conquer many readers’ hearts.

And last but most important of all, to HarryDean:
that he keeps on being amazing, kind, gorgeous, making me smile and laugh. You have conquered my heart and soul completely.

New things coming

A new year, a new start.

I hope 2007 has good things in store, because I thing the universe owes me. Harsh? Well, I have worked my butt off these last few months, indulged some very annoying people as well and have worked through some hard times. So 2007, you better be warned!

But I shouldn’t put my hopes and faith in an abstract thing as a year. It’s people who make things possible, who allow opportunities to take place. So actually, I hope and have faith in myself to take more control and create happiness for myself. “Be assertive”, will be my motto! Well, let’s see how long I will keep that motto, being pessimistic by nature.

But for now, I hope I’ll pass my exams, have a great time at my work placement in February and meet interesting people along the way.

So happy new year to all, and Appelmoez (if you read this) a lot of happiness to you as well! I love you heaps!!