Tintin: first trailer!

Tintin is part of Belgian heritage when it comes to comic books. I’ve read all of them as a kid. (In Dutch we call him Kuifje.) The cartoons on television weren’t bad either.

But I am a bit sceptical on the movie though. Even with names like Spielberg and Jackson… as long as they capture his spirit. That’s what’s important. Very curious about it.


Immortal (2005) by Enki Bilal

 Yesteday I read an interview in the paper with Enki Bilal. He is a French cartoonist and film director and is known for the graphic novels such as The Nikopol trilogy (La Foire aux Immortels, La Femme Piège and Froid Équateur) .

I know his name because I saw his movie Immortal (2005), an adaptation of La Foire aux immortels (The Carnival of Immortals). This movie was produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud, who you might know from Seven Years in Tibet or Enemy at the Gates or L’Ours (The Bear).


I am not going to give you a detailed plot: there are far more better sites you can consult for that if you’re interested.


Visually it is a very nice movie. It is a bit out there though. I think you need to be a fan or avid reader of Bilal’s work to appreciate it. Otherwise you think: “What kind of thing is this? Why did he just do that? Wha?”. The whole movie, well practically, was shot on a digital backlot (no, Sin City was not the first to do that!)

I had never read or heard about him and I had difficulties with the story (and couple of scenes). I had seen trailers and when my brother bought the dvd, I wanted to find out what it really was about. Set in the future with altered humans and mythical beings … I think I need to watch it again or at least read the comics.

I have leafed through his novels, but I’m not sure it’s quite my taste. Maybe I need to really commit to reading one, cover to cover, to get the attraction. But such a dark and pessimistic comic might not be the right thing for me.

Calvin and Hobbes: winter fun

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Released on: Friday, Dec 29th 1995. Images copyright Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate.

Released on: Friday, Jan 22nd 1993. Images copyright Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate.

Yesterday I was surfing and I stumbled on this blog The House of Sternberg ( http://house-of-sternberg.blogspot.com/2007/01/monday-blues.html ) , where he mentioned some of his favourite comics he used to read in the paper. I liked the fact he talked about Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.I have loved these comics for years. I have several comic books and it is always fun to take them off the book shelve and leaf through them, cause they are so much fun. Besides, for a 6-year old, Calvin has a very sharp mind at times. My all time favourites are the snowmen comics. They can get so cynical, cruel yet deep at times. But mainly they are just absolutely silly!!

There are many sites devoted to Calvin and Hobbes, but I like this one: http://www.transmogrifier.org/ch/comics/search.cgi
because you just type in a word/topic you want (e.g. snow) and you get all the related topics. So you can get a comic for almost for any occasion.

Bill Watterson made Calvin and Hobbes cartoons from 1985 till 1995 when he retired and devoted his time and talents to other things. Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Watterson

Go and check them out. Everyone deserves a bit of fun.