Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (1979)

Another visit at the film museum after a long absence to see this Estonian movie: Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. You either think it genius or you are totally confused on how you really feel about this movie.


Inspector Peter Glebsky is called out to a hotel in the snowy mountains, but when he gets there, the hotel keeper Alex Snewahr doesn’t know who or why he had been called for. Glebsky, unable to go back home through the night in the mountains, decides to stay at the hotel and see if he can findout  who called and what crime might be covered up.

Glebsky soon finds that each hotel guest is weirder than the next one. Of course during the night, a murder is committed… or so Glebsky is lead to believe…


Well, the way it is shot, and remember it’s from 1979, is actually very interesting. A lot of “in your face”, or rather, “in the actors face” shooting gives you a feeling not knowing what really is going on. And adds to the eery atmosphere of the story.

And not wanting to spoil it for you, if you do ever get the chance to see this, I was very shocked about the aliens. I’ll leave it at that.


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