Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

For months I spent evenings flicking through channels in search of a nice movie, to sit in the couch and just enjoy a film with a good story. Nothing. Reality shows. Poorly written series. Infinite re-runs of sit coms that were funny last century, but have now lost their appeal because of the never-ending loop of airing.

So when does a nice movie play? At fricken midnight! Djeez. I do believe they do this on purpose.

Agony aside: it was a nice surprise to have flicked onto the right channel and at the start of Mad Dog and Glory, which stars Robert de Niro (Mad Dog – Wayne), a very young Uma Thurman (Glory), Bill Murray (Frank) and David Caruso (Mike) who displayed a more dynamic way of acting which is very much lost in his CSI Miami days.


We follow Wayne and Mike, cops, as they are called to crime scenes. Wayne is a crime scene photographer, who has the ambition to be an artistic photographer but lacks the courage to follow it through. But also as a cop, he seems to lack much courage because he’s a guy who gets out-of-the-way of confrontation. He won’t easily draw his gun. Clearly shown when he enters a night shop where a stick up is going on. He negotiates with the criminal to take the money and scram, and only when the guy has run away does he take his gun to go after him.

It is at this stick up that Wayne meets Frank, the guy assaulted by the criminal. Frank is a mobster and invites Wayne at his club where he does stand up comedy. Frank fears Wayne is too afraid to undertake anything in his life to make it better or to follow his ambitions. So he sends up Glory, a girl in his debt who works as a bar tender in his club, to spend a week with Wayne and keep him happy….


At last a good movie on TV in a long time. Robert de Niro is excellent, not like the parts he’s been playing in recent years. Murray is delightful, as expected. And it’s just a sweet story… a must see, I’m sure!

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