Agnes Obel: “Riverside”

Since a few weeks now, I heard this song play on radio and tv but didn’t know the artist. It’s a song by Agnes Obel (singer and songwriter) and is from her first album “Philharmonics”. She’s Danish, living in Berlin (Germany) and I like her accent when she sings in English. Makes it a bit quirky. I find it great she masters, produces and records her work herself.

I bought the album 2 days ago and I like it. It has a certain mood to it that is like a theme throughout the album. One could argue that its much of the same, but that might be the case at a first hearing. If you listen a couple of times to the album, you feel its not the case. Each song has it’s subtleties and sounds delicate. I recommend it… but you have to like the genre. Or put it this way: if you liked the album “Pink” by Tori Amos, you are on the right track.

Official website:


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