I know I recently posted on the Foo Fighters, but I can’t help it. I’m devouring the new album like there is no tomorrow. Maybe not a good thing, seeing when you eat mashed potatoes every single day, every single week… well you’ll soon get fed up with mashed potatoes, don’t ya? Still. It’s under my skin so I’ll ride this album out till I can’t have it no more, I suppose.

So there you go, dragging you with me in my obsession. I think it’s called transferring? I’m no psych though I very much enjoyed the one class I took at college. 🙂

It’s the last track of the album, the video I mean. A bit softer than Burning Bridges, Rope or White Limo. But nonetheless, a nice track.

And again! A funny video. As said in their docu-movie: though they take their music seriously, they don’t much with their videos – but I don’t mind. I like a band with humor. It’s so like the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas! But funny.

Ok, so here it is:


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