Foo Fighters, Back and Forth (2011) film

A couple of weeks ago I recorded with the digicorder (the European TIVO, I think) a documentary film  on the Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters, Back and Forth (2011), to reflect on the years passed and how they ended up making their 7th album: Wasting Light.

I loved the Foo Fighters since their 1997 album The Colour and the Shape. I devoured that album. For weeks on end. Knowing every word.

As with most things, I got obsessed with them back then. I was 15 years old… so young… so young… (am in my late twenties now, and having a hard time accepting it). I had just gotten out the Heather Nova period, which was preceeded by The Smiths and my Foo Fighters period would be followed by a heavy Cure obsession which lasted a long time until college, where I got into the blues of Chris Whitley with a lot of enthusiasm. These past couple of years have been pretty obsessive-less… which is a nice break, because buying CD’s can be heard on the wallet, let me tell you! At least I have a job now. I still wonder how I got to buy all those albums in high school like that and not be broke!

Still, I should thank my brother’s excessive CD collection, which has taught me a lot on different kinds of music and is easy access to pick and chose… borrow, I mean. 🙂

So I really enjoyed the film, that takes you through the 16 years of Foo Fighter existence. How they started with small venues and getting so big that you see Dave Grohl standing amazed at Wembley Stadium in London  as if saying “how the *** did I get here with my band?”. I think it’s awesome that it’s not taken for granted. Cause come on, 85 000 tickets sold… that’s just cool.

If you get the chance to see this documentary film, please do, cause it’s not boring like you’d expect from docu’s (hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes there) and it is certainly not a voice-over documentary… you know, where you hear either the documentary maker or an eloquent hired speaker talking about them. Not the case here.  The guys talk, and tell the story of highs and lows, of changes in line ups and how it all went about. With a lot of music of course.

Well it made me go out at lunch time at work to go buy their latest album, anyway… but I had that in mind already before the film. Just needed the push, I guess. I do hope to see them live one day. I think that would be an amazing concert to see. Cause I think as a live band they certainly deliver!

Well, I’d like to say more, but honestly, a band needs to be heard! So I’ll stop at that. Hope you’ll go on surfing to hear them online or look at some of their (sometimes humourous videos).

I’ll leave you with what I had on my mind when waking up: “The Pretender” from the album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.

Official website:


3 thoughts on “Foo Fighters, Back and Forth (2011) film

  1. Fab

    Hi SQT!!!
    It’s been such a long time. Since I changed to WordPress, I’ve had difficulties commenting on your posts – might be a blogger-wordpress incompatibility.

    Their new album is great, no? This week I saw their new video for “White limo” and was surprised. It’s been a while since they had a goofy video. And Lemmy from Motorhead is the limo driver!

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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