Offscreen 2011: Red, White and Blue

It’s a movie that came out in 2010, directed by Simon Rumley, and on the bill of the Offscreen Film Festival in Brussels.

At Offscreen, Simon Rumley and Bob Portal (director and producer of ‘Red, White & Blue’) introduced the movie before the screening and there was a Q&A afterwards in the bar (I did not attend, but it took place – pictures on Facebook are found 😉 ).

They just left us before the screening with “we hope you will – well, not enjoy, because you cannot enjoy the movie – but will find it interesting”. I can say it was. And a bit squirmishly bloody.


The movie is set in Austin, Texas. We follow a girl called Erica (Amanda Fuller) who we see going out each night, from bar to bar, sleeping with any guy she meets. At first I thought she was a whore, but she didn’t seem to sleep with them for money, just goes to bed with them. Each night a different guy. Yet to me, it was not like she enjoyed it… maybe… any how.

It’s clear Erica is not ok. She’s distant, a-social and isn’t able to connect with others.  This is clear when Nate (Noah Taylor), who lives in the same building as her, tries to talk to her. She flips him off almost immediately, saying “I don’t do friends” and especially not him. Yet, he keeps trying and even helps her out when he informs her of a vacant job at a  hardware store where he works. After a while they start connecting better and we learn that Nate was a soldier with an “honorable discharge” from Iraq. But still, about Erica we know nothing more than the fact she also sleeps with her co-workers. Until later on, of course.

Nate doesn’t like her behavior, of guy hopping, though he doesn’t seem to want to sleep with her. You get the feeling he’s trying to protect and watch her, over her better judgement.

At the beginning of the movie, when we tag along on the nights on the town with Erica, we see her having a foursome with a guy named Franki (Marc Senter) and his 2 rock band friends. In the middle of the movie, we are suddenly taken away from the focus on Erica and Noah and we get a look at Franki’s life.

He works in a diner and plays in a band who is getting more gigs to play, possibly a tour in prospect. We see him taking care over his  sick mother (cancer) and struggling with his girlfriend who cheated on him. Regularly donating blood for his mother, he gets a call from the hospital saying something is wrong with his blood… and that’s where the story turns ugly.


What seemed at first a  slightly straight forward movie and a little – well, not dull, but  – not very eventful, turned into world of pain on-screen. (To me). It’s pure revenge. On different levels, by all 3 main characters. Each with their own motives and pain.

The most intreaging person to watch in this film is Nate (Noah Taylor), who’s accent is weird, character is mysterious and turns out to be a down right maniac! We did learn in the movie that he was offered a job at the CIA (but preferred to work at the hardware store), though we did not know for what job… when you see the second half of the movie, you don’t want to know…

All the time I kept wondering where I knew Nate from. Which movies did I see him in! Thankfully, Google helped me out, as always! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Lara Croft! But check out IMDB, cause I know he did more notable work than what I have seen of him. There must be!

I’m still trying to place this movie. It’s a bit odd saying I liked it, once you’ve seen it you’d understand. But from the middle of the movie onwards, I must say it was a good film.

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