Rundskop (2011) (Bullhead)

New Belgian movie by Michaël R. Roskam. It touches the subject of the hormone mafia, which is a sensitive topic here in Belgium.


The story centers on Jacky Vanmarsenille, a cattle farmer in Limburg, that deals in hormone induced cattle. Together with a friend veterinarian, he is taking part in a possible deal to do business with a shady beef handler of West-Flanders. But he senses that something’s not right with this beef handler… that the deal is a dodgey one.

At the same time, the police are investigating the murder of one of their investigators, who was known to be after the hormone maffia. Diederick, an informant to the police, works for the beef handler who is responsible for the cop murder.

It is when the beef handler and Diederick meet Jacky and the veterinarian to meet as to discuss the deal, that Jacky takes us back to when he was a kid. Back then, Diderick and Jacky were best friends and hung out at Jacky’s father’s farm. Untill that one day…


I really liked the movie. It is dramatic and it takes you completely in the life of Jacky in a very profound way. I was intrigued by this character that is huge and raw.

I thought this was really a movie just on the hormone mafia and what had been in the news a few years back, but that was just the backdrop to the story. It really is mainly on Jacky… described by the police as Bullhead.


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