The Fog (1979)

Last night I went and saw this movie at the film museum.

The movie is directed by  John Carpenter who seemed also to have written it and composed the music (that really sticks in your head when you leave the movie theatre (pom pom pom pom …) … anyway.

It’s a horror movie, but even though I’m not really into horror movies, you might call this a light horror movie – at least that’s what I’m labelling it.

The stars of this movie are  Adrienne Barbeau as the radio broadcaster, Jamie Lee Curtis as the hitchhiker who happens to stop into town when things go pear shape, Tom Atkins who picks up Curtis and becomes very friendly with her and Janet Leigh as the chairwoman of the committee that organizes the 100th anniversary of Antonio Bay. 


Opening shot is a camp fire with an old man telling stories to children. Just before midnight he tells the story of how 100 years ago, before the coast line, on the 21st of April, a ship called the Elisabeth Dane and all its crew were led to their death by a misguided camp fire on the beach while sailing through a great fog. It is said that when that fog returns, the drowned shipman will return to search for that camp fire again…

The story then unfolds in the town of Antonio Bay itself. It is midnight passed, and we hear the radio station guiding the town through the night during the witching hour… it is during this part of the night, on the 21st of April thing go crazy in the town.

Father Malone, in his church quarters sees a brick drop out of the wall which uncovers a journal by his grandfather, also  named Father Malone. In other parts of town bottles shake in a store, at the garage the gas pumps start leaking, car alarms simultaneously go off, and so on and so forth. A real spooky happening.

It is at that time that Nick (Atkins) drives by in his truck and picks up Elisabeth (Curtis) and all the windows of the car burst into pieces.

At sea, the fisherman ship gets surrounded by a sudden fog and well, you can guess, those guys from the Elisabeth Dane seem to have come for some vengeance…

But there is more to it. Father Malone, having read the journal of his grandfather, now knows that the ship that was to its untimely sinking, had been sunk on purpuse by his grandfather and 5 others of the town. 6 have led them to their death, so 6 must be killed as well…

For more, you can either see the movie or just wiki it. Cause I will put no more on the plot.


Really kind of no brainer movie. Pretty predictable plot, yet I have to admit I jumped up a times when the meat hooks (I don’t get why they use meat hooks, unless they were giant fish-hook???) plunged into the bodies of the poor souls who happened to be caught by the fog.

The special effects on the dead-killer-crewmen is a bit on the camp side, but again, you take that as the best they could do at that time, I suppose. Still neat to see them move in the fog.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie, in it’s 70’s kind of way. Spooky but non threatening. Nothing wrong with that from time to time. And nice to see Jamie Lee Curtis in a movie with her mother Janet Leigh. I imaging there aren’t that many movies with both.


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