Carless Brussels, just for a day

This Sunday it was again carless Sunday in Brussels, as was in many other major cities, I heard.

It was fun to see how bicycles and pedestrians took over the roads again. Though some guys, and I don’t mean to put a bull’s-eye on anyone in particular like the man who was driving his Porsche Carrera, could just not get into the spirit of things and leave the ol’ four wheels at home.

What is great is that it coincides with monument’s day, which means that most monuments or institutions are free to visit. Cause some you need to pay for during the year and others are closed to the public.

We visited the Brussels Stock Exchange, or La Bourse de Bruxelles, which other times is closed. The building is located centrally in Brussels and is most times a meeting point for people living in Brussels, when going out. Or surrounded by tourists, taking many pictures. I had never entered it and must say that the main hall is big and beautiful. But that was a bit all of it. We got a guide telling us the history of the building and it’s activities. What was nice were the sculptures by Rodin. I’m trying to find online what they represent, but haven’t found it yet. The last woman represents Victory and the second one Craftsmanship… but am not entirely sure.

But as much as I love carless Sundays, I think if we want to shake things up and make people aware of the level of pollution and air quality, to do so during a week day… but that would just be messing the system up…


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