La tourneuse de pages (2006)

Last night I saw this picture on the big screen: La tourneuse de pages, or The page turner. It’s a French movie from 2006, with a Belgian actress in the lead: Déborah François.

A talented girl, Mélanie Prouvost  (François) attends a try out to get into the conservatory. She is a very talented piano player, but during the entry exam, she gets distracted by one of the judges, Ariane Fouchécourt (Catherine Frot) – an accomplished concert player, who give out an autograph to an admirer during her exam.

Failing this exam, she decides to never play the piano again.

10 years later, as Mélanie finishes her internship at a law firm, she accepts her boss’ proposition to help out during the holidays and take care of his son, while his wife, a piano concert player, needs to rehearse for an upcoming radio concert…*wink wink*

Very nice movie. Captivating from the beginning till the end. Looks like a very innocent and easy-going story, but, oh my, quite the contrary. Déborah François, with her poise, has a way of suddenly, by a simple look of the eyes and mild gesture, go from an innocent looking girl into a slightly scary stalker. (Though she doesn’t actually play a stalker…)

The vengeance of Mélanie is a subtle one but a very effective one indeed.

Though I’m not disclosing much, because I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not yet discovered this film, it is a perfect vengeance story. With a bitter-sweet after taste. At least, that is what I experienced when leaving the theatre.

Unlike IMDB, I give it a 9/10.


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