BIFFF 2010: so far

It’s that time of the year again: BIFFF 2010! The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival has started again and so far I have seen 3 films already:

Blood River (2009), which I’m not going to talk about in detail and which I’m only giving a 5/10. It’s about a couple, Summer and Clack, that cross the desert by car, to go the girl’s parents to tell them she’s pregnant. The car breaks down and in a deserted nearby town, they meet a strange man, Joseph. Joseph tries to get Clark to confess his secret to Summer to get salvation, but Clark refuses, which get’s them both punished by Joseph…

Les Avontures d’Adèle Blanc-Sec (2010), the latest by Luc Besson, which I give an 8/10. My father collects the graphic novels by the same name, made by Jacques Tardi. It’s clear that Besson made his version of Adèle, and that to my feeling, the comics are darker and more mysterious. But a good movie and a great choice of actress: Louise Bourgoin.

I prefer to put a trailer instead of giving plot lines. It’s too complicated anyway. Enjoy:

Finally, I saw Pontypool (2008). Thinking it a mere zombie movie (which I’m not so fond of, though I did see Shaun of the Dead, if that counts), I really liked this one. Because it is a suspense movie. It all takes place in a radio station in Pontypool, Ontario, Canada. An inexplicable disaster takes place and the radio station can’t believe the things they hear and have to report about to the public. I prefer not to disclose anything more. It’s best to see this movie without details. But it is an intreaging zombie movie, that I can say. And it will make you think about the use of words and language on a whole other level, I can say that much!

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2 thoughts on “BIFFF 2010: so far

  1. I don’t really like horror but Pontypool sounds intruiging…. just because of the words thing! I’d never heard of the other two films, which I’m very ashamed of – I’d like to think that I was on top of films, but obviously you’re one step ahead!
    Nice blog

    1. You have no idea what odd things I’ve seen in film so far. My boyfriend is a film student: that pretty much changed my movie-going-life!
      No, horror is not my cup of tea. But Pontypool is a really good movie.
      Thanks for the kind words on the blog. It still needs some major tweaking since the change of provider. But unfortunately, with my work load, I haven’t had the time to post or work on it. I hope this weekend though. I have still some topics I want to put on and of recent movies I saw.
      I’ll stop by your blog shortly, to check your culture garden.

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