Daan “Icon”, Belgium’s answer to Johnny Cash

I shouldn’t say that actually. Because you cannot compare Daan’s work to Cash’s. Just that this song has a similar feel, and the voice has a hint of the man.

It’s been stuck in my head since they’ve played it on the radio. It’s from his new album “Manhay”.
I’ve put the lyrics below, cause it’s just delicious to sing along to. Enjoy.

if you try to be an icon
then the icon becomes you
if you try to be a model
it’ll catwalk over you
if you try to walk in straight shoes
then these shoes will bend you too
if you try to be a kid again
the kid will kidnap you

you know it’s true
the guy you know well that’s just you
and there is nothing you can do
just like a door you can’t get through
when there is no-one left to fool
don’t go and drown in that old pool
don’t kid yourself

so don’t try to be an icon
con the i inside of you
that picture you’ve been painting
doesn’t look a thing like you
i’ll agree that it’s a nice try
but when your paint is dry
we are all just little icons
super you and super i
you know it’s true…

i need someone to show me
just what i threw away
i need a pretty angel
to present it on a tray
you’ve never liked the icon
said that guy looked pretty strange
but you’ve never tried to change me
and that’s how came to change
you know it’s true…

author: Daan Stuyven

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3 thoughts on “Daan “Icon”, Belgium’s answer to Johnny Cash

  1. That’s someone I haven’t heard of, Fab.

  2. I just discovered this song (and the singer) today, because they played it in the German radio, and I feel exactly as you have described it, adding some goose bumps now and then. LOVE this song!

  3. I’m glad you discovered Daan, Nachgetragen! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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