Fame (2009)

I cannot begin to say where my disappointment begins or ends. (In my defence, I only went to this movie with a friend, not for my own interest.)
Why on Earth does anyone think a remake was needed from the 1980’s one? And secondly, there is no edge to this, there was an edge to the 80’s movie. Was this made by Disney or something? Very naive. I’m not waisting any more words on this remake.


One thought on “Fame (2009)

  1. Fab

    I agree that Fame is a wonderfull dramatic movie, but then only when talking about the original. Though in essence, there is nothing wrong with the remake, to me it was an unnecessary remake. I know the story very well, seeing I have seen the original many times and even followed the series entirely as a kid.

    But my opinion doesn’t take away that you and many others may like the movie very much. I went to see it with a friend and she loved it. Tastes differ.

    As to downloading it: unfortunately I’m not interested. I appreciate the offer, though.

    Thank you for stopping by, Strike. I welcome feedback on any movie I post about. Till next!

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