The database

I’m beginning to think that the series The IT Crowd is not that far off from reality.

(Do you know this series? It’s great! Definitely check it out if you haven’t.)

Because I feel just like an idiot when I get the reply at work after computer failure: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Like that solves the problem?!


For weeks now, maybe even longer, I’ve been experiencing problems with the database at work. My Business Contact Manager isn’t managing my contacts for business properly. When I turn my pc on in the morning, it decides whether it is a good day or bad day for it, and then turns off according its mood. And yes, I know I’m humanizing a machine, no, a program. Machines have it in for me. It’s clear-cut as that.


When finally, I get someone to look at it – not the right person, but close enough – they notice that with restarting the pc, the database becomes accessible again.

Read this with a booming voice of pride and loads of self-esteem: “here you go, you simply need to turn it off and on again and it seems right as rain!” And exit smart guy.

(I would like to take this opportunity, in order not to rub my IT colleagues the wrong way and who I presume will stumble on this post in a near future, to say how swell you guys are, always there for me, couldn’t imagine nicer colleagues then you guys – I’m blaming my post rant on frustration and incapability to sort out this mess, not targeting you guys. Hugs to you all!)

Ok. I admit. The database appeared again. Yet it is still offline. Everything I have encoded in it, is only accessible to me, not to people on the network (a little detail I just noticed today, after weeks of encoding cards). This explains why my boss continuously asks me to look up contact details. I was beginning to think the man was unable to run a database search! But it all comes back to me not having an online database!

Sorry to bore you with IT stuff, but it’s just beyond me. This is not productivity. Because you see what has happened?

I’ve become the database.

I possess the data.

I have access to the data.

And people access me to get to the data.

I’m databasefab —- INSERT DATA SEARCH HERE —-

bleep bleep bleep


bleep bleep bleep

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