Goodbye John Hughes, thanks for the 80’s and 90’s

The name in the header of the paper did not immediately ring any bells. Isn’t that awful? If you see what he has done, it is pretty damn awful from my part to be oblivious like that. So for that, my apologies.

John Hughes died on August 6. Age 59. Too young.

I’m just terrible with names, and especially with names of movie directors. (I know I’m sending a particular person shivers down their spine by saying so). I know movies and actors, but even those I tend to get mixed up at times. Which results in some embarrassing conversations not at all in my favour. After which I have trouble to take part in any movie talk, cause my credibility is shattered by my tendency to be very distracted…

That being said, my bells clearly rang when I read the article informing about Hughes passing and the things he did during his career. More bells than I figured, bells all over the place. Maybe you hear them too after my post.

Turns out I’ve seen more movies by him or written by him than I thought. I even remember when I saw them. Though I was born in the 80′, I did only see most of his movies in the 90′ as a kid.

2 movies that I loved were Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (which I preferred above all and saw with my eldest brother at home) and The Breakfast Club (I saw on the long bus ride during a school trip).

I liked Home Alone and I had seen Home Alone 2 with my brothers in the cinema, but never really liked Beethoven (movies with animals, like dogs, are not my thing).

Weird Science I had seen after a couple of episodes of the series by the same name. As is mostly the case, the movie was better than the series, but a typical American teen movie about two boys creating the perfect woman in their bedroom.

I saw Curly Sue, apparently the last movie he directed, on tv. I liked James Belushi in it.

And apparently, the list goes on of movies I’ve seen where he was a writer/producer:

And even Only the Lonely, which he only produced. With John Candy.

Go and check out which ones you’ve seen and flash back to your childhood or teenage years. Good or bad, they all had something. Just a tad of something. I can’t explain.

I leave you with a trailer of my favorite 80’s teen movie: Ferris!

And thanks to The Breakfast Club credit song by the Simple Minds, I got into them and even saw them perform live at a summer festival in the early years of 2000.

Simple Minds-Don’t You Forget About Me
envoyé par valentin73. – Regardez la dernière sélection musicale.

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1 thought on “Goodbye John Hughes, thanks for the 80’s and 90’s

  1. His films didn’t appeal to me, though I know a lot liked them. He died way too young.

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