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Yesterday we went to, in my opinion, the most beautiful and precious cinema theatre in the world! Movy Club. Yes, with a “y” and not “ie”.

We had set out to go see The Wrestler (2008), which doesn’t play anymore in the big, commercial movie theatres. We hadn’t found the time before to go see it, and yesterday , hidden among ordinary houses in an ordinary street, we saw it in the most amazing theatre. I must admit that during The Wrestler, I did find it hard to watch the very violent fight scene, but then again, I’m a gentle soul.

.It really was a step back in time once you passed the threshold of this building. The interior of the lobby was as it was in the 1930s, though the film posters were both contemporary as vintage. In the far corner you had a Wurlitzer jukebox, though inoperative, but lights brightly glowing. There was the cutest little bar and the ticket office was like it was in the old days.

.But the real pearl of this amazing oyster was the theatre itself. It was bathing in ’30s atmosphere, with along the left wall several old radios’ displayed (I assume they the range of era must have been between the 1940 and 1970). I would have liked to take a closer look at the theatre, but already the lights were being turned down low to view Mickey Rourke’s performance as wrestler “The Ram”.

I tried desperately to take a picture, but the theatre was to dark for my cell phone to do it justice. So I tried to look up the Movy Club to get you to get a grasp of this to get you to understand my lyric excitement about this place.

What I found was a video by a second year student of a Brussels film school. And though it has the Movy Club as theme, it does not show you the splendour of the place. (Which I realize now is maybe only to be experienced on site).


What I did find were some sites giving you an idea of what Movy Club is about:

Excerpt from Two Brussels cinemas unlike any others

“On the border between Forest and Saint-Gilles you can find a traditional neighbourhood cinema: the Movy-Club. Built in the early 1930s by the architect Leroy, it first opened in 1934 and has remained virtually unchanged since. In a style that blends the thirties with Art Déco and modernism, it has kept an intimate feel in stark contrast with contemporary giant multi-screen complexes.
It also differs from other cinemas in its choice of films. It is also the only
cinema where the job of ticket-seller, barman, usherettes and protectionist are carried out by the same person: Pierre Guelette, the Movy-Club’s manager. To go and watch a great classic in a traditional cinema theatre is to step back in time.”

Excerpt from Movy-Club Cinema

“The cinema was built as a traditional neighborhood movie theater in 1934 and designed by architect Leroy in a style that blends Art Deco and Modernism. It is located within an apartment block and there is much movie memorabilia on display in the foyer. The Movy-Club Cinema shows art house films and classics.”

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  1. Looks like a great place.

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