Mammoth (2009)

The last movie I saw at the Brussels Film Festival was Mammoth (2009) by Lukas Moodysson (Swedish director).

It is about a couple, Leo and Ellen, that lives in New York with their daughter Jacky. The main cast is Gael García Bernal , Michelle Williams and Marife Necesito as the nanny of their daughter.


Leo and Ellen live in luxury in their loft. Leo is a successful man having gained his wealth with games, who travels often. Ellen is a top-notch surgeon who works in the emergency, but suffers from insomnia due to her workload. Because both of them are taken by their work, they have a Filipino nanny, Gloria, to take care of their 7-year old daughter.

Leo leaves for Thailand with his partner to get some contracts signed. While his partner negotiates, Leo is bored and decides to visit some parts of Thailand in the meanwhile. At some club, a beautiful girl offers him “fun”, which he refuses. He pays her but asks her to go home. But that is not the last time he sees the girl again.

Gloria left her 2 young sons back in the Philippines with her mother and brother. The boys miss her terribly. Because their mother is in the US to make money so their house can be finished building, the eldest son of 10, Salvador, tries to get a job. But this proves not to be easy. And unfortunately, it proves to be very bad for him…



I liked this movie a lot. You get to show how globalisation is in our lives, but in a subtle way. The contrast between the things the New York couple can offer their daughter, and what Gloria has to do for her sons.

Several times, when lending DVD’s at the library, I had taken Moodysson’s previous movie Lilia 4-ever, but never got the time to watch it. I’ve been told it will be very different from Mammoth, but I’m curious now. When I’ll lend it, I’ll try not to take other DVD’s… or I’ll be repeating a pattern of “unwatching Lilia 4-ever”!

It won the Public Award (Prix du Publique, Publieksprijs) and I do hope my vote of 5/5 stars had something to do with it.


The credit song (also featuring in the movie) is by Ladytron: Distroy Everything you Touch. Here is a clip. My boyfriend found it to have a Pet Shop Boys feel to it… I’ll let you judge if you take that as a positive or a negative argument….

I did like the music used in this movie. That’s a plus as well.

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