Latests movies seen


Film noir by John Huston. The perfect movie in its genre: crime, deceit, loss…

It features Marilyn Monroe who at that time was little known. She isn’t even mentioned on the opening titles, only on the credit. It was a minor role to tell you the truth. It were Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen, Sam Jaffe, Louis Calhern, James Whitmore who were the leads in this movie.

In a city of crooks and low lives, a big hit is planned. Doc Reidenschneider got released from prison after a 7 year sentence, with only one thought: to commit the perfect crime. For this he will need a gang of crooks to do this and someone to come up with the starter’s money as well. But it seems the crooks are more trustworthy than the man who everyone believes to be so on the level…


The kind of movie I would generally not go to see, not even on tv. But hey, you only live once.

A horror movie, seen as nunsploitation and just generally not very kind to nuns.

Flavia, is forced to enter the convent, she continually challenges men, cause she believes women are equal to men (which I do agree with). But Flavia goes very far in her rebellion and crosses a point when she even turns her back to the convent she resided in and ends in a horror fest.

I’m not one for this kind of movies, but must admit, there were some scenes that were good.


A movie by Hong Sang-soo, of which I had seen the movie Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors (2000).

This movie is about an independent movie maker, who is invited to sit on a jury of a small movie festival. He comes across a former friend/associate, who invites him to dinner. After a night of drinking, he gets a note at his hotel from that friend stating he hates him and never wants to see him again. This puzzles him a lot and trying to solve this only makes things worse.

Deciding to leave the festival for what it is, he heads to Jeju Island to give some lectures to students. This scene I found very funny, because after viewing his film, one of the students asks him: seeing your films are incomprehensible, why do you keep on making them. This sets him off into a frenzy, of course! While being on the island, he is invited to share a meal with a famous artist, only to find out….


At the Brussels Film Festival it was the opening movie. I went to the second viewing. This movie is by Alexis Dos Santos.

The story mainly is about two persons, Vera and Axl, whose stories are intertwined and meet several times indirectly. Axl, from Spain, is looking for his English father in London and Vera, thinking she used up all her luck in a labyrinth-park one day with her ex-boyfriend, believes that since that day she only makes wrong decisions.

Nice movie, but wouldn’t call it spectacular. It features Débora François as Vera, who is also in the Belgian movie L’enfant (2005) by the brothers Dardenne.


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