Mando Diao “Gloria”… to Fando y Lis

Never heard of them, till I heard them on my online radio about 3 minutes ago (you’ve never seen me post this quick, now have you!).


They are a garage rock band from Sweden, dabbling in alternative, blues and indie, but this track is so sixties. “Gloria” is from the album “Give me fire”(2009).

Seems there is no clear explanation for the band’s name.

The name Mando makes me think of Fando, from Fando y Lis (1968), a movie by Jodorowski, but that’s a whole other can of worms for me to get into. For who wants to know: Fando and his paralyzed girlfriend Lis travel through a barren wasteland, postapocalyptic, to go to Tar, a city where all wishes come true.

A controversial movie: caused a riot at its premiere in Acapulco, was banned in Mexico, underwent cuts and a load of bad reviews… I was a bit taken aback by this movie, I must admit. But I did not regret having seen it. It’s an art film; you must not expect it to be a mainstream, relaxing with a cup of coffee kind of movie… I read it was influenced by performance art, which Jodorowsky was involved in at the time. Knowing this, you can understand why the movie is how it is and can stir controversy.

The movie has nothing to do with this band/video, other than that the similarity of the name made my brain jump right to that sixties movie… though I think it’d be good to go with the images. Debatable, I know.

I don’t know who out there knows this band, and I don’t know their work other than this song. But it has taken my interest, crossed my radar and I’m going to see if it is worth it.

Official website: & Wiki page: here


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