Brussels Film Festival 2009

It’s that time of the year again: festivals are lining up. And not just music ones but movie ones as well.

The Brussels Film Festival is around the corner, and even though I do not know much on the programme, I will have 9 days of festival to take a chance to get to know them.
International movies galore, competitions, awards … the thing is almost in place for almost 60 avant-premières to watch. I would much like to attend the open air screening, that will be held outdoors (and that the weather will be on it’s best as well). Cause I’m so very curious how it will be like.
Wat is fun is that every night, a country is of the honour. So 9 days, 9 countries to dig into?
Last year I only went to see 1 movie, from Russia, called Nirvana. I posted on this and last years festival here. I really liked that movie (though some people left the theatre, still to my amazement). I do hope to be delighted and introduced to something new like that this time.
For people interested in Belgian movies, theres are the once who had their debut this year (also available on the website):
So let’s keep an eye on the website (if you are in Brussels, near Brussels and are able to go). The jury hasn’t been announced yet, but I doubt if I know anyone… not that familiar with international film scene (as I’d like to).

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