Hellboy II: the golden army (2008)

I had posted on the first movie: here is the link.

I will do a similar style post. For now I’m just leaving you with nothing but a picture, I know.

I’m writing this post at the same moment as I’m watching the DVD (I shouldn’t do that actually), and so am only half way through the movie (they’re at the troll market now).

Though I am curious what other people thought of this movie and which they preferred, the first or this one… or even both. I need to see the first one again, cause forgot a bit how it felt like.

Still, I can leave you with this: Selma Blair is cool.


5 thoughts on “Hellboy II: the golden army (2008)

  1. Matt

    I want to say its an American version of an Australian show, but I’m not positive.It may be only in the states right now. Kath & Kim? I tune in every once in a while to see if its gotten better, and to see Selma, but I really don’t enjoy it. Selma’s talents just seem so wasted on that one.

  2. Fab

    That’s a real pitty then.I get the impression she doesn’t play that many movies, though she’s capable to hold her own. I googled the show I thought of: Zoë, Duncan, Jack and Jane.It wasn’t that good. They even stopped broadcasting it here.

  3. Fab

    What TV show? I remember one with 4 names in the title, but forgot what it was… the actor playing Lex in Smallville was in it too (but with hair!).Thanks for stopping by Matt.

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