Unspoken (2008)

The new movie by Fien Troch is one about a couple, Grace and Lucas, whose daughter disappeared 4 years before.

The story takes a look at how the couple goes on, in some way living rather next to each other than with each other. The focus of the movies does not lie on finding the girl again. Though that is what is unspoken for Lucas, the father. To him she is still out there. He sees her in his dreams or when he lies awake at night. She suddenly stands there in the room, watching him, though it can’t be. He even goes out to see if she could be working the streets or in sleazy bars… He is not dealing and even takes off for a while leaving Grace with another disappearance to cope with.

Grace, however, does not tell Lucas how she is coping with having lost Lisa. In her mind she isn’t coming back. Though contradictory, she does hang out at the train station, just to look if she mightn’t spot her somewhere in the crowd. Both Grace and Lucas have this inability, it seems, to really be outspoken about how they feel. Does Grace feel love for Lucas? She can’t even say it back to him. Though it’s clear she needs him. But is need the same as love?

Lucas loves his wife, he tells her in a passionate moment, but on the other hand, he has been with another woman.

The film is strong and makes you focus on the couple because of the use of close-ups. Almost every shot makes it impossible for you to see what is going on in the background, because you are drawn to their faces, their subtle changes in features, emotions layed bare. That makes it a strong movie in my eyes because whether you like it or not, as a viewer, you feel the pain and hurt and awkwardness of the persons on screen.

I’d recommend this movie. It’s worthwhile.


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