5 short reviews

1. Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté (1988)

A French movie by Claude Lelouche and apparently Jean-Paul Belmondo’s best role.

Well, we didn’t finish the movie. It takes almost half the movie to introduce the plot, the several flash forwards and backwards almost occur simultaneously ( it might have helped if there was a wardrobe change every once in a while to help you situate forward or backward!).

Though it had been recommended… it didn’t do it for me. Not a movie that captivates.

2. Ta divna Splitska noć (A wonderful night in Split) (2004)

The story takes place within the 2 hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve in the Croatian coastal city Split. 3 separate stories take place: of drug dealer Nike who has been deceived by his supplier, junkie Maja who needs a fix badly after her dealer took off with her money and she has to prostitute herself to get a shot, and the third story is about a young couple Luka and Anđela who are looking for a place to make love before the New Year starts…

The stories are intertwined somehow and the movie tends to repeat several sequences to go over to the other story lines. Shot entirely in black and white, it has a lot of crane shots and a bit of a “Sin City”-feel to the images.

The reason why we went to see this movie, is because my boyfriend and I had our summer vacation in Split and hoped to get some nostalgic views of the city. But disappointingly, the movie wasn’t that good and the movie, shot at night, didn’t contain that many views. It had an ocean view of the promenade and a couple of streets in the old city centre… but that was it. I was very surprised to have seen Coolio in this Croatian movie as well. Odd.

I would not recommend this movie, even though it has won several festival prizes.

3. Kuroi ame (Black rain) (1989)

“Black rain” is a Japanese movie by Shohei Imamura and is an adaptation of the novel “Kuroi ame” by Ibuse Masuji.

The movie starts with the bombing of Hiroshima and the rest of the movie is about a family and other residents of Hiroshima in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

This black and white movie is convincingly shot as if it were a movie made in the ’50. I had no idea when seeing it that it was in fact made in 1989.

I am going to be perfectly honest: I haven’t seen the entire movie. I had a hard day at the office and an intense squash-hour at the sports centre with a friend of mine. So maybe the movie at 10 P.M. was a bit much for me. My mistake, I shouldn’t have gone squashing on that evening.

It is a movie very much worth seeing, though. I intend to rent it to watch it again.

4. The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (2005)

I had already posted a year ago on this (click here), with a video, but I recently saw it again. I rented it to cheer me up from a bad office day… cause a comedy is good for that.

The main character, Arthur, is desperately trying to avoid his house being destroyed for a new highway passage by lying in front of the bulldozers. Little does he know, that is the main reason the Earth will be destroyed: to build an interstellar highway passage. (Have I lost you already, dear reader?). He finds himself suddenly hitchhiking the warning/destruction ship and finds himself to be the second last survivor of Earth…. after that, all things go pear-shaped… and funny things happen (yeah well, plot is too difficult to explain, and there are ample sites who do it better than I can.)

I think it is one of the funniest movies of sci-fi that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The upside is, even if you aren’t familiar of into sci-fi, it is enjoyable. It has a great cast as well: Sam Rockwell, Alan Rickman , Bill Nighy , John Malcovich … and Stephen Fry as the narrator of the Guide.

5. La Monique de Joseph (short movie) (2008)

Is a short Belgian movie by Damien Chemin, where one of my colleagues at work was the Director of Production of.

It’s about a potato farmer who one morning wakes up and finds his wife in the kitchen, her head turned into that of a roe-deer. Both not knowing what to do, he wants his wife to keep inside the house and hide, she, however, feels that being suddenly so different from all other people, she should go into the woods to lead her life…

Very odd movie. I don’t know how to really respond on it. Just really odd.

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