Eldorado (2008)

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Yesterday we went to the Styx (not the river, but the small cinema theatre) and saw Eldorado, a Belgian/French film that has been the Belgian entry at the 81st Annual Academy Awards (Oscars).

The movie is written, directed and acted by Bouli Lanners.

The story is about a guy named Yvan, a “vintage cars” sales rep, that discovers a burglar in his house when coming home at night.

Promising not to hit him, he lets the guy, looking like a junkie, go. Unable to leave things at that, Yvan feels sorry for the guy and promises to drive him back to his parents, as he asked. On this strange road trip they meet some pretty weird situations…

A surprise, this movie. Very natural looking, even though some encounters on the road are too strange for words. The film has a good feel and rhythm to it. And the music that accompanies it is very well-chosen. It has surrealism and darkness to it. And yet, it has several humorous moments too.

I am glad to see that Belgium is capable of producing some pretty fine movies. I had a dim view in the past, thinking my little country didn’t produce that many good things or was not in the same league as others as it came to make some worthy things. But that was wrong of me. The more I see of Belgian work, the more I am impressed with our subtleties, our inventiveness and capacity to make an interesting story come to live.

The end credit-song is sung by An Pierlé.

Here is a teaser I found on the Official Website. Sorry it is in French, but the teaser doesn’t contain that many lines, so it is very good for all language viewers. Enjoy.


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