Paul Newman month at the film museum

This past month the two main themes were: Korean cinema and Paul Newman.

I only saw one Korean film this month: Christmas in August. If I ought to rate that movie I would give it a 5/10. Not a movie to be played in a movie theatre, in my opinion. Nothing wrong with it, just that it’s not clear why the movie has that title. Christmas does not come anywhere in it, though yes, it is set for the greater part in summer. It’s about a photography developper who owns his own photo shop. He is dying but isn’t that open about it towards others. Seems a bit in denial, to tell you the truth. He gets involved with a parking police officer, who isn’t that strait forward a girl to begin with. Unfortunately, it was a movie that didn’t move me much.
But Paul Newman! I cannot say with any certainty that before this month, I had seen any movie with him in (turns out yes, The Hudsucker Proxy (1993 – Coen Bros., with Tim Robbins)). I saw 3 this month:

Which I really liked. I laughed out loud, so that’s a good sign. I was amazed by the humour and as much by Paul Newman. I have seen several movies with Robert Redford, but those two guys together was real chemistry. Though the chase scenes were a bit too long in my opinion, with the repetition of “who are those guys?” every so often… but I really had fun watching this movie. The quote: “Don’t hit your mother with a shovel. It’ll leave a dull impression on her mind.” will forever be on my mind.

Hm. I don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t say it’s Newmans best film, even not having seen all the others he’s made. To begin with, the Roy Bean character is already a handfull to appreciate. I can only say this: how Newman acted with that bear (a real live one!!) was both frightning as funny.

Newman is here a prisoner working on a chain gang on the side of the road. He is obstinate and does not want to conform to prison life. He plays it cool and defies the system. Which as a consequense also gives some entertainment to the other inmates. He tries several times to escape and succeeds for a while, to the inmates delight. But never for very long.

I am glad to have seen and liked Paul Newman films. And what ever my boyfriend may put in as an argument, I do believe that when Paul Newman smiles, they look alike… I am dead serious. I will have to watch more Newman movies with him to prove my point.

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3 thoughts on “Paul Newman month at the film museum

  1. SQT, I really believe he does – though he thinks I’m not thinking straight while I say such things…Captain, I like that one, but Butch Cassidy has Redford in it… that has won me over. (I’m a girl, what do you expect?!)

  2. Cool Hand Luke is one of my favourites.

  3. If your boyfriend has Newman’s smile then life is good.

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