zzz zzz zzerkalo (1975)

Yesterday I did something that’s so terrible. I dozed off during a movie by apparently a very great movie maker, Tarkovsky: Zerkalo or The Mirror

But in my defence: I was tired after a hard day’s work. And secondly, that was the most confusing, surrealistic, instant set changing, why the hell does the actress who plays the mother also playing the daughter-in-law, confusing movie.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t keep my eyes open! What didn’t help is that the narrator voice of the main character, was in a monotonous Russian. It soothed me right to dreamland. Cause if you don’t understand the words (when dozing off, you don’t read the subtitling, you see), the sounds are very invitingly sleep inducing.

I will have to watch the movie again, because it is not done. Maybe, once I know what is ahead of me, I’ll be more ready for the sudden weird story lines. Cause the shots were beautifully done. Just the story made no sense to me what so ever.

Gladly, I wasn’t the only one afterwards that was left with a “huh?” sensation.


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