In the realm of the uncontrolable dreams

picture: The Dream, Henri Rousseau, 1910.

Do you dream?

What a silly question. Everybody dreams.

Do you remember your dreams? Are they nothing but a vague memory in the morning? Sometimes lingering throughout the day? Images, sensations?

Or are you one of the lucky ones that isn’t much bothered by what happens in your sleep. That a dream is nothing more than a figment of the imagination, what the unconscious conjures up either to process whatever you experienced through the day. Or a manifestation of stress, and nothing more nor less.

Books have been written trying to explain and comprehend. Symbolism in images, why one dreams what they dream. Trying desperately to arrange and organise the chaotic dream to fit into comprehensible and logical reality.

I write about this now, because I have these vivid dreams. Last night again, it felt so lifelike to me that in the morning it made me upset. Silly, really. Getting upset about a dream. Something unreal and gone when you wake up. It’s just strange that it can get so lifelike. The emotions it wakes inside. The smells and touches. Not all dreams have that, but some.

I don’t believe in analyzing dreams. To necessarily try to find a logic in it. The brain works in mysterious ways, well, at least to me. I try so much being organized in my day-to-day life; maybe my brain loves a little chaos to distract itself. (Oh my, am I referring to my brain as a person? That’s the beginning of the end!).

I just wish to have a good nights’ sleep. And maybe dream about lovely things like, bunnies and fluffy things with happy endings… I’ll give it another try tonight…


3 thoughts on “In the realm of the uncontrolable dreams

  1. Will Kinshella

    I very rarely dream while I sleep. I suppose that might be because I spend so much time drifting off into my own fantasy world during the day. At night my imagination simply wishes to rest.

  2. Fab

    Wow, no dreams at all? I like dreaming, just that some creep me out a bit. But I understand, if you are walking through dreamlike fantasy during the day, the mind needs some rest at night to balance it out.Thanks for dropping by!

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