Iron Man (2008)

Yesterday I watched Iron Man on DVD. It was a very entertaining movie. I feared it would be a bit like The Fantastic 4 or even worse, Daredevil (which I didn’t even finish watching, and that’s something I rarely do). But it kept my attention, Iron Man.

I’ve said it before, but never on this blog, but Robert Downey Jr. is a good actor. He is interesting to watch and just makes you want to watch him more. I still found it odd he played in Ally McBeal. One movie I haven’t seen him in, is the movie adaptation of the book Less Than Zero (by Brett Easton Ellis). I was so in shock by that novel, that I fear watching the movie. Seriously. But apparently, Downey Jr. was also great in that… I’ll have to take their word for it.
But coming back to Iron Man. I liked where the story went to. I almost didn’t recognize Jeff Bridges in the role of Obadiah. And for me, another surprise was Gwyneth Palthrow as the assistant Pepper Potts. It was not a role I thought she would play… she has done things with more weight to it than Pepper, but it was nice to see her and the chemistry with Downey Jr.
And as usual with any comic book movie adaptation by Marvel, the search for the cameo by Stan Lee was what kept me busy during the movie.
I can’t say more than this: you want a movie to entertain you, with advanced technology, explosions and the change of heart of a man who’s seen the errors of his company’s inventions? Then this is the movie to watch.
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2 thoughts on “Iron Man (2008)

  1. I haven’t seen IOron Man, but it has had many good reviews.

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