The man who cried (2000)

What can I say? I was disappointed by this movie. I had great expectations when seeing the cast names passing the screen: Christina Ricci, Cate Blanchet, Johnny Depp, John Turturo, Harry Dean Stanton… but the movie was as emotionless as a piece of pie. (Though a cherry pie can provoque some pretty sweet emotions…)

It is a story about a Jewish girl, Fegele, who at a young age has to leave her Russian town to join her father in America, who went there to earn money for the family. Instead, she is taken to England and stays at a foster family where she is named Susie. Growing up with a singing voice to be envied, she goes to France to earn enough money to pay a one way trip to America, still in search of her father. But the Second World War starts and she is forced to flee, leaving, unwillingly, the gipsy man she fell in love with, Cesar.

I had expectations, because every actor I have mentioned here above, have great potential and have put down great performances in other movies I’ve seen them in. But here… magic was lost. Turturo as the opera singer annoyed me more than anything else. Christina Ricci looked beautiful and tried her best, but in my eyes, the role didn’t suit her. Johnny Depp didn’t have that much to do, than to be the man from the title, the man who cries for the girl who has to go away to survive. But his role was not such that the movie should have been called what it is… I am still puzzled at that. Harry Dean Stanton just has a minor role as Mr. Perlman, who holds the theatre where most of the drama is played out.

I am usually not that harsh in my reviews. I fear I didn’t have that much positive things to say about this one. I just feel like I was left with an unfulfilled promise.


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