Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers! (2007)

My anger at my tv cable supplier has now seriously pissed me off on a level that has yet to receive a name. Still no cable, still no internet connection. Thankfully, I can use others!

So my lack of tv has made me see more movies. Currently, at the Nova in Brussels, it is Asian movie theme, or Japanese… let’s call it Asian to be sure. So far I have been to 3, as you can see in my list on the side column. Last nights picture was a mixture of drama and black humour (big fan of that!!!): Funuke domo, kanashimi no ai wo misero.

The opening shot was like a slap in the face. You see a road through the fields and a cat sitting and… wait a minute… if I unfold it, the blow of the opening shot is ruined! Just believe me, it’s a shock and a laugh a the same time.

As it is about a family and all the troubles between the 2 sisters (Sumika desperately wants to be an actrice – and Kiyomi has mocked her wannabe actrice sister in a very violent and unlattering manga) and the brother, Shinji, who married a Machiko (overly enthusiastic and don’t mind being unloved and abused) he doesn’t love.

You are sucked into the story, shocked at times and all this with twists and turns. Traumatic experiences, envy, revenge and cynicism are plenty.

Machiko, the sister-in-law, is clearly the comical character to bring some lightness to the drama that unfolds. She is so very cheerful, tries to make the best of things and accommodate everyone. But in return, she is treated badly and unaffectionally by her husband. She makes scary puppets to which she sings and is totally in awe of the eldest sister, Sumika, cause she’s an actrice (though a very bad one).

And though you feel sorry for Machiko… you can’t help but like her. Oh, the movie is not about her, but to me, she was the glue that held it together.

The camera shots were beautifully done. And the music was very well-chosen. It had a hint of European-ness to it.

It was the director’s film debut: Daihachi Yoshida, based on a novel by Yukiko Motoya.

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  1. Hope you can get properly connected soon, Fab.

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