Home, almost

I’ve moved into my new little apartment!

The first day it felt so strange. I didn’t know what to do with myself. There were things to unpack, but I don’t have that much stuff… it was a strange sensation.

Now I consider it more like home. With familiar things in it, it is easier now to view it as mine.

It’ll still be getting used to it all, but it’s pretty exiting as well.

Only a shame I still don’t have access to internet. I will have to update the blog from work…


3 thoughts on “Home, almost

  1. Fab

    Well, it is frowned upon, but during my lunchbreak, I can update a blog for 5 minutes, can’t I?It’s not like I let it come between my work. I’m a professional. But that being said, the internet restrictions are not that restrictive, so I’ve noticed here. A little naughtiness, just a little…

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