Vivre sa vie (1962) – To live one’s life

I recently saw a movie by Godard (on front row of the Nouvelle Vague – a movement in cinema that brought forth a drastic change) called Vivre sa vie.

I found this to be a superb movie. I am pretty much positive about any movie I write about here (bloggers prerogative), but I don’t think I have ever used the word superb.

The way it began. The dialogue was shot with the backs of the characters towards the camera. This went on throughout the whole scene. I never saw that, not to such an extent anyway.

As a viewer you are drawn to the leading lady. She does lead a peculiar life. Divorced from her husband, you see her trying to make it on her own. Kicked out of her lodgings, trying to earn money by meeting men. First you think this is by her own choice, as the title said, living her own life… yet it isn’t really if you pay attention. Of course: falling in love, but not being able to get away from prostitution, by the man who very smartly got her into it. And the ending… well…

It might seem straightforward as story, but it is not shot like that to me. Following her life, almost documentary like, gets you drawn into her world.

Godard was married to the leading lady while filming, Anna Karina. A delight to watch her. And her eyes are hypnotizing.


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