Five Easy Pieces (1970)

This is an exceptional movie, in the sense that you see a very macho, womanizing, treating his lady like crap kind of man. But you find out he comes from an outstanding family. Intellectual, artistic, musically. As a viewer, I wondered how it came he got to be such a bastard at times. Going from job to job, and cheating like crazy on his girlfriend.

It’s only when his sister tells him his father had 2 strokes and is doing badly, that he returns home after years of absence. There he meets a very talented pianist and smart woman. For which he falls. She fancied him for a while but does not think it of any interest to continue with him.

Nicholson is again impressive. He is deliciously flamboyant, but showed in the second half of the movie vulnerability. I thought it was a very strong performance. The story in itself isn’t that complicated. Very typical and recognizable. But complex in the feelings Nicholson’s character has to deal with near the end.

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1 thought on “Five Easy Pieces (1970)

  1. An early film of a veteran actor. Well made, Fab.

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