Please the child within: go to the Star Wars expo at Turn&Taxis

This Sunday I went to the Star Wars exhibition held at Turn&Taxis (link) here in Brussels with my brother.

It’s an exhibition that has been here several weeks now, this weekend was actually the second to last weekend to visit the expo. It showed items selected from the Lucas film Archives in Northern California, how characters, objects and sets were thought out. There were jedi-trainings for kids and you could act out a jedi fight scene in front of a blue screen (actually green) and a DVD could be burned on the spot for a prize of course.

The tour of this exhibition began in Portugal in 2006. I have no idea where it is off to after Brussels.

I did find that, and this was totally to be expected, that they made a lot of who-ha for this expo than it actually should get. Though it is fun to see the drawings (not enough I thought, cause some of them were incredible, as well as the storyboards for the several shown scenes) and the costumes and the props used… it was just an exhibition like most others. Not that interactive. For kids yes, the jedi lessons and the fights on-screen. But as an adult, it almost seemed like you were left out, as a fan.

No it’s no ghost! It’s me, reflected while looking very intently to the scale models of the old movie’s props.


I have seen all the SW movies. I have my opinions on some and others have left me a bit opinion-less. I am not going to debate that, step on anyone’s toes or me in return be stept on by possible replies. I just think that yes, it was worth to have had a look at the objects that were plentiful and gave you a lot to look at. The props are impressive and the scale models are very detailed.
But do not go in with huge expectations. Otherwise you’d be disappointed. But to a true SW fan, I think it is hard to be disappointed. Their needs will definitely be fulfilled. No question about that.

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