Marilyn Monroe galore

Have I got a bargain or what!

Or is this another case of compulsory shopping from my part? Compulsory can’t be cause I didn’t set out to get it and it happened to be by chance that it noticed it.

I just bought the double boxed DVD set with 11 discs of Marilyn Monroe movies, the Diamond Collection, for only 7 €!!! Now come on, is that a bargain or what?! I had held that same box several months ago and it had cost round 50 € then.

There was a huge outdoor sale at our supermarket store at the entrance. A whole stand with DVD’s sold at 1 €, 5 €, 7 € up to 20 €. Usually there is a lot of junk in there, but sometimes, if you take the time to rummage through it, you can find several classics or little jewels.

I can’t help but admit, I do have a soft spot for Marilyn. Not in the obsessive kind of way, but I do think that sometimes she gets underrated for her performances. Because viewers see blond and have an opinion. But she is funny in Seven Year Itch and my all time favorite movie is still Some Like it Hot, but then mainly because Jack Lemmon is fantastic. I love Jack.

Some other beauties in the box are:

  • Bus Stop
  • Monkey Business (with the Marx Brothers and one of her first movies)
  • Don’t Bother To Knock
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (with Jane Russell as the brunette and the bigger dressing trailer van, while Marilyn was the blond from the title…go figure)
  • No Business Like Show Business
  • Let’s Make Love
  • How To Marry A Millionaire (where she is again in a funny role, she was very capable of comedy – stars also Lauren Bacall),
  • Niagara (very dramatic movie)
  • Marilyn Monroe : The Final Days Documentary + edited Something’s Got to Give, her last and unfinished film.

The one I am very curious about is The Misfits, the only one I haven’t seen of her. So that is something to look forward to.

What can I say. I love those movies. Old ones. Billy Wilder-ones. And she’s an all time icon. Her life was tragic and she had a lot to deal with. She’ll always have that something for me.


3 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe galore

  1. Fab

    I know, Captain. Still I am very curious about it. About what kind of film it could have been.Welcome Utenzi,Well yeah, pro or contra Marilyn, you can’t deny there are some good ones in this box.

  2. utenzi

    I’m not a Marilyn Monroe fan but even so I’d have been tempted by that great price. There’s some excellent movies in that package.

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