Crazy Love (1987)

Tonight I watched for the second time Crazy Love by Dominique Deruddere, a Flemish-Belgian movie of 1987 which was a different kind of movie then previously was the case in Flemish cinema.

It is initially based on a short story by Charles Bukowski called The copulating mermaid from Venice, California. And before making the 90 minutes movie Crazy Love, that short story was what Deruddere wanted to turn into a short movie called Foggy Nights. But seeing that this would show the leading character of Harry Voss in a one dimensional way, Deruddere decided to put the concept of Foggy Nights as the end of the movie and create two other short stories of 2 other crucial moments in the life of Harry Voss to make the viewer understand why he has turned into the person he is in the last part of the movie.
This means you get 3 nights in the life of Harry Voss: age 12, age 17 and as an adult.
It is a bit of a controversial movie. The topics treated are not the easiest ones. And in the early ’80s in Flanders it was a bit of a risk to take as well.

Many of the actors in it were unknown back then and are now famous in Belgium (Michael Pas, Geert Hunnaerts, Josse De Pauw, Gene Bervoets…) . But to have used those actors then, unknown, not that experienced in movies  and others some odd characters, was a bold choice to have made.

Those who have taken part in this production are quite established in Flemish cinema and beyond. Some even teach at film schools in Brussels to generations to come. I mean Marc Didden, Willy Stassen, Ludo Troch…
I do think that from the 3 short movies, the 3 parts of Crazy Love, I prefer the first 2 stories. But that comes down to preferences. I just find it a pity Harry Voss turned out the way he did. It was a bit strange to see the people in this movie, who are established in Flanders, as young and unknown back then. I hardly recognized Marcel Van Tilt and Geert Hunnaerts is actually very surprising as the young Harry Voss.
The movie was exceptionally also distributed in North America.

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