“… it could be so nice…”

Even if you don’t like the man, his opinions or his take on things – one can’t deny being intreaged by someone with many talents. Though controversy can cloud any judgement.

So I’m just going to put a link to a track that seems so pure and heartfelt to my ears. I have listened to it continually since I clicked on this link.

(Yeah I have a weird musical tendency like that. It takes over all my focus until the song gets intertwined with my life and get’s a whole meaning of its own. I’m strange that way. And besides, I have a thing for guitars, especially ones that play right to your soul.)

I do like to add that the other tracks are ones that need to grow on you. For me, this one is the one that struck me the most. I had an instant connection with it. And probably will keep that.

album: When
Categories music

1 thought on ““… it could be so nice…”

  1. Some songs can grow on you after a while.

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