the warmth of the smiles could melt any snow
the faces inside are glazed with a glow
the light that shines through the glass is of you
who shakes the small globe, remembering, you do
the silvery snow descents from it’s chaos
revealing small pictures, so happy, of us
containing a history, built there by two
but the promise of more travels within it, that too
so when I’m not near, it sooths me you know,
that I’ll always be smiling at you through the snow
until the next time you’ll see me again
and all the love that I’ll give you then

by Fab for HD, just because –
I know I am not good with words, am no Coleridge or have the knack to write like beautiful lyric writers do, but I write with what I know, about what I know and with honesty

Categories poems, writings

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