“No strings”, he says, and falls madly in love

Here is a clip from a very old movie Top Hat (1935) with Fred Astaire and Ginger ‘Feathers’ Rogers. When I was little, my father showed me this movie. It’s one of his favorites and it’s again a symbol of the Golden Age of cinema of that time. The mass dancing in unison, the boy wants girl, who ignores him but secretly likes him… great lines, well written characters and romance.

PLOT (of this scene):
it’s the first singing/dancing scene of the movie. Astaire joyously dances to his bachelor life, no strings he has, he is fancy free and in the mood for anything fancy. He taps so loudly, it wakes up the girl, Ginger, in the hotel room downstairs, who in turn calls the management to complain. She goes up to bang on his door and of course, Astaire opens it and he is smitten by the girl. He throws all sorts of corny lines at her – she’s not impressed of course. Back in her room, he then decides to become her personal sandman and softly dance on sand (from a cigarette bin filled with it from the hallway) and makes her fall back to sleep.

Note: the music is by the famous Irving Berlin (personal comment: hey, schatje, I was right about the composer! Freaky, isn’t it?) and Max Steiner.

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