Sugar Sugar, in my throat

Again, it’s been a while since my last post. Here I am.

I was rummaging through my CD pile and put on some of my old CD’s by Heather Nova. The best one is her live CD. Because, there she is rougher than the sweet and poppy girl she sounds like on the albums. Cause if you pay attention to her lyrics, they can be really strong and sneaky if you read between the lines. I saw her live with my sister-in-crime ’bout 6 years ago. And when she played Sugar at the end of the show, it really took off in a very long improv and amazing guitar solo …

Also, it starts quiet and soft with her angelic voice, but then suddenly it takes off. I think it’s a strong track. Look up the lyrics if you can – they are dubious …

So here it is: (I don’t know why the sound quality is bad)

But another live and acoustic track is Mothertongue: unfortunately, embedding is disabled, so you will have to follow the link. It’s worth it I think.

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1 thought on “Sugar Sugar, in my throat

  1. That’s good, Fab.

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