Daggers Drawn to American Gothic

As usual, I stumbled on something while looking for something else:

a painting by Grand Wood, “American Gothic”, 1930, at the Art Institute of Chicago
below: the cover of Ginger Ale‘s second album “Daggers Drawn”, 2006 – which I have several months now and found to be an odd cover

I saw the painting while surfing the net and had a déjà vu sensation. I then made the link to the album. What is bugging me now is why the album pic is like the paining. Knowing the album and the band, I can’t find it. Band is not gothic, nor American. Painting is not electro rock, nor French. I’m puzzled and intreagued. Lyrically, I don’t find any reference either. This is going to bug me more than needed.

In the painting, the house at the back is in Carpenter Gothic style, while the album cover has a similar house but surrounded by city buildings…

It is said that the painting by Wood had gained an iconic status in pop culture, much as the “Mona Lisa” or Munch’s “The Scream” (source: Wikipedia, I admit it fully) – and so parodied. Still, I never saw this painting before, if it is so well-known… So the parody…is this the case with the album, but why and with what purpose? No purpose, but to ask ‘why’?

This is bugging me to a ridiculous extent… I’ll better leave it be.


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