Carpe diem and all that jazz….

Video (yeah yeah I know ‘the cure again?!’) called Just Say Yes.

I suffered from a very bad headache today, but looking at the people on the tram I noticed that there were a lot of sad and troubled faces, while I’m sure they were not having a headache. Made me think people are stuck in a rud and don’t there saying yes to things coming their way. Hey, I’m the first to admit it isn’t easy and that I often say no to opportunities without knowing why. Overthinking and fear the main cause. So I just wanted to sent out a positive vibe saying: just say yes.

The acoustic version you can find here sounds better to me, but I thought if I post them in black and white with serious faces, it might lose some appeal. But seriously, it sounds great and I’m just fond of acoustic guitars (as I might have mentioned several times before…)

Duet with Saffron (former Republica lead singer).

Song was Robert Smith’s reaction to all the “just say no” campaigns that reigned a few years back.

Warning: it’s very pop, happy, colourful, just you know!


2 thoughts on “Carpe diem and all that jazz….

  1. Fab

    To each his own. (I hope I used that idiom correctly – always a flaw of mine, misusing them).The Cure isn’t even from my teens, it’s the decade before… but still, I’m inexplicably drawn to their melodies and lyrics (the happy ones).Great to see you again though, Captain!

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