Brussels: a New Year’s Eve without fireworks? Come on!?

Today on the news (Dutch article/videoEnglish article), they said that the mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, decided after a coordination meeting with the Crisis Team of Foreign Affairs, not to have fireworks at midnight in Brussels on the Mont des Art/Kunstberg. We have been in an alert phase during the entire holidays to prevent possible attacks during the festivities. And they will be upheld till January 3rd.

The Christmas fair “Winter Wonders” is going to close that evening at 6 P.M. instead of 10 P.M. as usual (the ice rink at 8 P.M.). Good thing I went yesterday then! (not that I skate or so, just like walking around and soak up the atmosphere.) And caught a ride on the Big Wheel to see the city illuminated from above. It was the fanciest wheel I ever set foot in: closed, cosy and heated gondolas! It was as comfy as the inside of a car! Never seen!

I’m a bit bummed about the fireworks thing. I was looking forward to go and see that. How can I kiss my boyfriend at midnight if there are no ear drum havocking sounds of gigantic fireworks around! With many of the usual and fun animations and attractions closed – it will be a strange evening I guess – and the bars will be really full as well, more so then usual I suspect.

Anyway – it is sad that what should be the start of a new year full of promise and new beginnings, fear and caution rule. We might not live in war and sometimes have the feeling it is far from our beds and all, yet it all still creeps through in our day-to-day live. Such things make me think.

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2 thoughts on “Brussels: a New Year’s Eve without fireworks? Come on!?

  1. They are as miserable as the London mayor, who is good at banning things.I’m sure there are internal fireworks when you kiss at midnight!Happy New Year, Fab!

  2. Ah maybe the mayors are buddies? Could explain it.Well I always have fireworks internally when I kiss him! So maybe it’s not that bad if the external ones don’t occur.A very Happy New Year, Capt’n!I’ll be over to your blog once I thought of a New Year’s resolution that is fun enough to post!

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