Oscar Peterson: smooth piano player and icon to jazz

Last Sunday, Oscar Peterson passed away at age 82. He was Canadian and played with many great musicians in jazz: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald oh and Dizzy Gillespie!

How I come to know him? I once saw a documentary on a Dutch channel on the jazz saxophone player Stan Getz. That man blew me away. So my next trip to the record shop involved searching after his work. But then the trouble began: what record is a good record when the musician involved is practically unknown to you. I stepped up to the store owner and asked after Stan Getz. The look on the man’s face! He was impressed that someone my age had such divers interests in music he said. I have to say, I beamed like a ray of light after that remark.
The record he recommended me was the one where Getz played with the Oscar Peterson trio. And it has been one of my favourite albums yet. Nice to play in the background and unwind.
These past few days many tracks by Peterson were played on the radio. (Not the pop radio stations, the off beat stations…). And when today, on the radio show my father listens to every Saturday (La Troisième Oreille – The Third Ear: a show that plays what other stations won’t; jazz and music from the 30’s and 40’s as well) they spent a whole 2 hours on him, I just felt like posting something.

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